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Since June, 2020, the Town of Holliston, Massachusetts has consistently refused to fly the Pride Flag from the Town Hall flagpole. This section of the website is an ongoing effort to collect some of the feedback made by Holliston residents to the town regarding that policy. Visitors to this site may also post comments below.

"… I really want you to look at some of the people sitting here and look them in the eyes. Not at me, at them — because some people here have more courage than I will ever have or all of us together. When you look at that Zoom. There are a couple of parents I know there. And they had a five year old kid who had more courage when they were five years old, than all of us together. And then I look at that policy. I don’t see an ounce of courage in that policy. I see the simplistic way out. The simple one, the easy. Let’s do it because it’s easy, not because it’s right. But probably, what’s sadder than all of that, is that it’s not even the Select Board’s policy. It is a town council policy, it is written by a lawyer to protect the town, disregarding entirely every single person that came up here and talked, or talked by Zoom. If somebody should be sitting tonight at this table, it should be the town counsel. Because he’s the one who wrote it. He should be the one defending his actions here."

Andres Vargas addressing the Select Board; March 4, 2024 Select Board Meeting 21:50

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