February 5, 2024 Holliston Select Board Meeting Public Comments

"I’m the senior minister at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn. I’ve been there for 21 years, and many of my congregants are members of Holliston as well. And I appreciate the complexity and nuance of this decision that all of you have. What I just want to tell you is the human impact that I’m privileged to hear all the time. We have a Pride Flag outside of our community that’s hung there since the year 2000, in response to a hate group in the town of Sherborn, and I have had people tell me who live in our town (Holliston), what it means to have the Pride Flag flying on Town Hall. Church members who have told me what it means to them. Privacy and pastoral situations how they’ve been scapegoated because of their sexual identity, gender identity, and when they see the flag flying from their town, they know that they have a place here in this town that I have raised two children in, and my wife and I have lived in for a number of years. So I just want to tell you that it makes a difference right here in my ministry."

Holliston resident Rev. Nathan Detering addressing the Holliston Select Board, February 5, 2024; 22:24


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