June 2020 Comments to Town Administrator

In June, 2020, a request was made to the Town of Holliston to fly a “Pride Flag for the month of June / Pride Month”. The Town Administrator turned down the request, with the explanation that the Town Hall flagpole was restricted to flying “American Patriotic” flags.

These are some of the replies that were made by Holliston residents to the town’s decision:


"I want to express my disappointment at the response to a request to raise a flag in honor of Pride this month. The Pride Flag is not a political statement or a special interest statement, but a representation of a community’s position on inclusion, non-discrimination, and support for the LGBT community. I don’t share your concern about feeling obligated to lend the town’s flagpole to any other group as a result of raising a Pride Flag.

"At the same time, should other marginalized groups wish to hang their symbols of inclusion, I wouldn’t see an issue with that. Equality is one of the most patriotic American values there is. Cities like Boston and Framingham have found ways to honor the fight for equality without fear of competing interests. I ask that you reach out to officials in other locations who have successfully honored such requests to see if they can offer any guidance on being in ally to the LGBT community."

Danielle Charlot; June 5, 2020

(As of April 2024, Boston and Framingham fly both the Pride Flag and the Juneteenth Flag from their city hall flagpoles)


"I am disappointed to hear that you have denied the request to raise a Pride Flag in Holliston in honor of Pride month. It’s my understanding that in an effort to set a boundary on the requests, you have limited the access to the flagpole to ‘American patriotic’ groups. I ask you to reconsider your definition of American patriotism. The Pride Flag is about equal rights and inclusion. It’s about the liberty and freedom to be yourself. Are these not the very principles of America, a country founded on freedom from persecution?

"Choosing not to allow the Pride Flag to be raised is making a statement about our town. Neutrality is not innocuous. Please reconsider this request and support an action that would signal Holliston as a community of acceptance and inclusion."

Barbara Fritts Worby; June 8, 2020


As of April, 2024, the Pride Flag has yet to be flown from the Holliston Town Hall flagpole


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